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CROSS Home Inspection,Inc.

Residential & Commercial

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Home Inspection
Commercial Inspection

Home Inspection

The inspection will include comprehensive visual evaluation of the visible and accessible element of the home including:





The Exterior:

ü  Roof, Chimney, Flashing, Valleys

Evidence of water penetration and condition.


ü  Gutters, Downspouts

Overall condition, effects of dampness in the basement and its ability to carry off rain water.


ü  Siding ,trim, windows & storms

General condition of each.


ü  Central cooling system and its components  “Air condition”

Visible portion of the cooling system and components


ü  Landscaping

Proper grading and its Effects on the foundation.


ü  Driveways, Patios, decks, Porches

General condition of each .



The Interior:

ü  Attic.

Visible roof sheathing ,ventilation, insulation and framing.


ü  Structure

Visible condition of foundation and evidence for moisture penetration.


ü  Electrical Systems.

Outside entrance wiring serving, service panel sub panels and visible wiring inspected with random testing of outlets, switches and lights.


ü  Plumbing Systems

All visible fixtures, pipes and drains tested for operation.


ü  HVAC System

Visible portion of heating systems and components.


ü  Walls, Floor ,Ceiling, Windows

General conditions of each.

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